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Benefits of Recover Fast System

Our system is not a replacement for physiotherapy but a tool that bridges the gap between physiotherapy, strength training and conditioning.

  • Success has been attributed to the system by its ability to make key players available after significantly reducing treatment and recovery rates.
  • The system is able to facilitate rapid results because it blends the boundaries between rehabilitation and performance training thus minimising the time the athlete spends incapacitated.
  • The system’s versatility allows it to be used in musculoskeletal rehabilitation as well as high performance muscle conditioning; thus, it can be used as a recovery aid from training, a tool to painsaccelerate healing from acute injury, a modality for performance enhancement and as a diagnostic tool.

  • Application of the ARP allows the identification of muscles producing the primary component of the injury and compensations associated. Therefore, maximal attention is paid to eliminating non-productive compensation patterns of injury which would normally lead to new injuries or re-occurrences of the existing injury.
  • Replace Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation with A.R.P and reduce rehab times by 1/3 to 2/3.
  • The system allows the therapist to treat inflammation at the same time as working to restore functional movement. In conventional therapy, the methods used to reduce inflammation tend to require painthe athlete to be immobile.

Clinical outcomes:

  • Grade 1 Hamstring strain return to performance 8 hours (UK track athlete)
  • Grade 1 Quad strain return to play 15 mins (UK football player)
  • Lumbar strain return to play 3 days (UK football player)
  • Grade 2 Hamstring strain return to play 7 days (US Football player)
  • Finger fracture in swimmer return to pool 14 days, return to competition 21 days (Italian Olympic Swimmer)
  • Toe sprain return to play 6 days (UK football player)
Who uses our system

FootballThe ARP has been used with players in the winning teams of major national and international sports organisations which include:

  • Bundesliga (Bayern Munich) La Liga (Barcelona, Real Madrid)
  • English Premiership League (Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC, Birmingham City FC, Manchester City FC, West Ham United)
  • Football League Conference
  • Italian Serie A Football (FC Parma, AC Milan, FC Fiorentina)
  • 2007 Dutch National Team who won the European Volleyball Grand Prix
  • Extensively used within North America over the past 10 years, mainly within the National Football League, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball.
  • 2007 World Champion Indianapolis Colts in American Football
  • 2006 Stanley Cup winners (Ice Hockey)