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ARPwave™ (Accelerated Recovery Performance) is a patented direct current neuromuscular stimulation unit. Recover Fast licenses the use of the ARPwave™ with a comprehensive series of unique therapy and physical training protocols, devised specifically to maximise the effects of this revolutionary device.

The Recover Fast system uses the ARPwave™, simultaneously with active range-of-motion and other exercise techniques, to significantly speed up the body's natural recuperative ability. The system will also prevent muscle-related injury and greatly improve human performance at all levels.

Direct current (DC) has been shown to affect cellular migration and orientation, endothelialization, protein synthesis, and calcium regulation, as well as stimulation of new bone formation and fracture healing.The scientific basis for (DC) is the positive cellular effects of direct current electrical fields on these processes.

Where does it fit within the sports medicine support team?
ARP Wave SystemThe system is a tool that bridges the gap between physiotherapy, strength training and conditioning, working best when utilised by a medical professional in combination with their existing skill set.

Recover Fast are able to facilitate rapid results because we blend the boundaries between rehabilitation and performance training.

Traditional models are serial. First inflammation is reduced, then rehabilitative exercise is conducted, and only then does performance conditioning begin. With ARPwave, Recover Fast can offer and implement a more dynamic model, allowing you to dissipate inflammation at the same time as working to restore functional movement. This provides a seamless transition from the treatment of injury, surgery and pain to training for elite competition.