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About Recover Fast

Recover Fast Ltd is an independent company with rights to distribute the ARPwave™ bioelectrical stimulator. Recover Fast works with individuals seeking relief from injury or pain, sports medicine teams and private care providers to enable them to gain the safest, fastest and most effective treatment outcome. Find out more about Recover Fast.

At the top there is a requirement for elite levels of care to be administered. That is exactly why Recover Fast are dedicated to delivering a system that is at the cutting edge of sports medicine. 

Recover Fast provides a formidable team, making the most rapid of results possible. By using state-of-the-art therapeutic equipment, the latest in manual therapy, years of degree level academics and practical training, we achieve fast and safe treatment outcomes.

By using our system you will be able to apply protocols for game readiness, cool down, accelerated recovery and performance optimisation. Using protocols gleaned from many years of use with elite populations; common injuries become a thing of the past.

Richard Smith, our head manual therapist has extensive practical training in sports medicine and human performance. His academic training was undertaken in England and America. He holds a practical award from British College of Osteopathic Medicine. During the last 15 years he has had the privileged experience of working with elite athletes from both Europe and America. He is certified in NeuroTargetTM technique. His goal is to revolutionise sports medicine care.