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physical therapyBe Pain Free. Train at the level you wish to perform.

This is really what injury rehabilitation is all about. Our system identifies the mechanisms, body parts and systems that have lead to your injured state. We evaluate your body as a whole and return the systems to a level of balance so accelerated healing can be accomplished. Whatever your injury may be: ongoing pain or discomfort, fracture, strain, sprain, tendonitis, tendinosis, dislocation, subluxation or recovering from surgery... Our Recover Fast specialists can evaluate, identify and rehabilitate the body to enable you to be pain free, and train at the level you wish to perform.

We rehabilitate the body using 3 basic steps:

1. History and somatic evaluation:  EXAMIN AND TARGET
A full case history is taken so that we can create a picture of what has occurred to cause the current injured state. This includes general systems screens as basic as taking your blood pressure and pulses, to a complex full neurological exam or a body scan. With regard to your injury, and your current physiological state we put together a tailor made plan of action to get you on the road to recovery.

After your first treatment you will be given an idea of how long it will take till you are functioning at optimal performance again.  During this phase, maximum attention is paid to eliminating compensation patterns, managing inflammation and addressing the cause of any symptomatic pain.  With these points addressed we can put the body in a position to facilitate self-healing.  By using neural targeteted physical methods, manual mobilisation and manipulation, state of the art bioelectrical stimulation, recovery techniques and proprietary exercise protocols, we accelerate the healing process and you Recover Fast.


The moment that the body senses injury, muscle recruitment patterns change and you start to move differently. This is obvious to anyone who has ever pulled a muscle or rolled an ankle: you immediately try to limp to take pressure off the injured area.  This limping is a gross manifestation of a compensation pattern. Your brain builds a picture of what the body is doing and learns a new way to move the injured area. This creates an imbalance of body tissues, nervous system interactions and ultimately can cause re-injury if not addressed. That is why our clients are seamlessly progressed from repair and recovery into NeuroTargetTM body balancing so that compensation patterns do not lead to inefficient movement, instability and weakness. We strengthen the body, enforce powerful reflex patterns and return your body to the balance it is capable of, ensuring precision, pain free movement.