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Injury Rehabilitation

Whatever your injury may be: fracture, strain, sprain, tendonitis, tendinosis, dislocation, subluxation or recovering from surgery; our Recover Fast specialists can evaluate, identify and rehabilitate the body to enablephysical therapy you to be pain free, and train at the level you wish to perform.

Recover Fast


Recover Fast's training programmes are gleaned from years of degree level academics and experience in practical application on a range of populations. Our tailored performance optimisation techniques integrate a wide range of disciplines to enable you to reach your goal in an expedited fashion.Personal Training

Recover Fast  Functional Personal Training

NeuroTarget SystemTM

The Neurotarget System was created to find and correct the cause of all injuries. It has been used extensively in professional sport to reduce rehabilitation times and decrease injury reoccurance. Using a neurologic approach to treatment we can compliment conventional theraputic techniques to rapidly facilitate recovery.



ARPwaveTM Neuromuscular Stimulation

Training and recovery protocols using the ARPwave stimulator greatly facilitate reflexive control of muscles and the support of joints. By creating the right type of stimulation in the correct position we can increase strength, improve performance and accelerate recovery.