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Recover Fast Pricing  

Initial Consultation

Includes Full history and physical examination

45 - 60 minutes consultation £58.00

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Injury Rehabilitation

Includes Somatic evaluation, Repair & Recover plan, Body Balance correction

The number and duration of treatments will vary in direct proportion to the extent and severity of your injury. Treatment duration is 20 - 30 minutes. No refunds available on block bookings purchased (10, 24, 50 or 100 sessions). You can cancel and reschedule an appointment but must give 24 hours notice before your actual appointment.

Individual bookings

Injury Rehabilitation 1 session £49.00
Injury Rehabilitation 10 sessions £450.00

Team / Club bookings* 

Injury Rehabilitation 24 sessions £1,575.00
Injury Rehabilitation 50 sessions £2,975.00
Injury Rehabilitation 100 sessions £5,600.00

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*To constitute team bookings your organisation must have a minimum of 15 members.

Performance Optimisation 

Functional Personal Training sessions

Includes Physiological Testing, Weakness Analysis & Elite Performance Methodics

Maximise the efficiency of your work out or sporting activity with 15 minutes of neuromuscular optimisation.

Performance Optimisation 1 session £25.00
Performance Optimisation 8 sessions* £176.00
Performance Optimisation 24 sessions* £480.00
Performance Optimisation 50 sessions* £900.00
*These prices are available for sessions booked and paid in advance and can be used as individual 15 min slots or grouped together to form functional training sessions of up to 45 mins. Eg. 8 sessions can be used as 4 x 30 min sessions. There is a 3 month expiry date on all block bookings commencing from the first session booked.

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Onsite Treatment                                           call out charge**

Includes all Recover Fast services at your chosen location

Greater London (inside M25) £60.00
Within 200 miles of Central London Price available upon request
200 miles outside of Central London Price available upon request

*To constitute team bookings your organisation must have at least a minimum of 15 members.
** Prices are in addition to service cost. For example if you purchase a 30 minute treatment for £49.00 and live within Greater London, the maximum price you could pay is £109.00. £49.00 for the treatment plus £60.00 for the call out charge. Call out charges vary based on location and accessibility. Please contact us for quote.