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How the System works - Rehabilitation

Conventional Injury Rehabilitation

Principles of standard injury
Now at the end of stage we still have a compensation pattern of movement that is retarding optimum performance.

Recover Fast Rehabilitation

Principles of ARP Wave
While we work on what the athlete does best, move, the ARPwave is instigating the PRODUCTIVE physiological response.

Conventional Rehabilitation

Brain/Body response to injury non productive

Frequently muscle related injuries occur because the muscle(s) were not able to absorb enough force. Often it is this inability of the body to absorb the demand of activities that leads to long term problems. With the body scan we found the origin of the issue. We have now found those muscles that could not absorb the force that entered the body.

Recover Fast Rehabilitation

Brain/Body response to injury productive

By using the ARPwave™ in conjunction with your own reflexes we rapidly reprogram the body’s movement. Additionally, during this phase we achieve joint mobility and build strength, which allows us to compress into one phase what traditional therapy will break into several, much longer steps.

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How the System works