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Additives and Flavour Enhancers

If you have not done so already, one of these days you should go into your cupboards and have a look at one of the labels on a tin of canned food.  While you are there pick up anything boxed, canned, bagged, pouched etc.  Now, look at the label and see how many ingredients you can pronounce without sounding like you are teaching a new word to a toddler.  Unless you are a health care professional or have an academic understanding of nutrition, the chances are that you may not understand or be able to comprehend their effect/function once you have put these products into your body.  We used the word ‘product’ because that is what they are; hence the term ‘food product’… it’s not really food at all!

What you need to know:

Additives and flavour enhancers are invading our food chain. The food companies that make and package these products employ scientists to manipulate chemicals that satisfy the parts of our central nervous system involved with appetite. The scientists that are employed by these major food companies not only selectively remove some of these chemical compounds from food, but add substances such as refined salt and sugar.  Salt and sugar are known to stimulate appetite; the exact opposite of what you want when you are eating i.e. trying to suppress hunger. Now you know why some foods can seem ‘moreish’ or why we say ‘I just can’t stop eating these things;’ Like your favourite bag of crisps.

Our Recommendation:

Go into your food storage areas and look at the ingredients.  If you truly care about what you put into your mouth then you should consult a nutritionist about any ingredient that you do not recognise.  Also, try to pay attention to recommended serving sizes.  This information appears on every label.  Adhering to these guidelines will prevent you from overeating “moreish” foods.