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Artificial Sweeteners (Aspartame)

Does embalming fluid sound appealing to you?  A tasty afternoon snack… I think not!  Unfortunately, once ingested, this chemical artificial sweetener that is added to foods is doing far more harm than good.  ‘Weight loss’ or ‘diet’ products that contain this chemical sweetener can have multiple allergenic, carcinogenic, metabolic and neurotoxic effects.  Also, ‘diet’ drinks that contain this chemical have recently been found to cause weight gain in many individuals arising from abnormal blood sugar levels.  This stuff is no joke!

What you need to know:

Upon ingestion Aspartame is broken down into methanol (wood alcohol).  This compound is just short of embalming fluid at our body temperature.  The nature of the interaction between this broken down compound and our body’s essential systems, such as the metabolic and neurologic processes, is disturbing.  This chemical compound has very powerful effects on the central nervous systems ability to communicate with the Liver, essentially causing very serious blood sugar problems.  Some scientists have noted an increase in depression and other psychiatric states, Alzheimer’s disease, initiation or aggravation of diabetes mellitus, headache, arthritis, stimulation of multiple sclerosis, Lupus erythematosus, hyperthyroidism, hypertension and carpal tunnel syndrome.  The list goes on and on, which begs the question of why the Food Standards Agency (UK) and the FDA (US) approved this chemical in the first place?  The public are dealing with the repercussions all around the world.

Our Recommendation:

Everything that exists in our food chain should be consumed in moderation.  Excluding substances like sugar from your diet can be potentially harmful and dangerous.  The same harm and danger are even more apparent when an organic compound is replaced by a synthetic one.  Chemical sweeteners should not be seen as a sugar alternative.  Consume in moderation and at your own risk.