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Microwaves and their secrets

In the advent of our fast paced 20th century lives comes the advent of fast food.  One of the greatest additions to our households is the facilitator of this nuclear food generation; the microwave.  Microwaves are radio waves and have certain very unique qualities.  At certain frequencies (2 gigahertz and greater) fats, sugars and water absorb the microwaves.  Once absorbed this wave energy is seen as atomic motion which is what heats your food, fast.  You may have heard the word atomic before… maybe in the context of talking about a nuclear bomb.  This is radiation we are dealing with here and it has various negative impacts on our bodies once we ingest these transformed foods.  With the convenience that comes with the microwave technology, there comes a downside; the nutritional content of the food is decreased with the mutation that has occurred in the molecules that make up the food.

What you need to know:

The human body cannot sufficiently break down the unknown mutated by-products of microwave food.  This leads to sever altering of the nutritional content the body can gain from these foods.  Vegetable based mineral compounds can be altered into cancerous free radicals and may cause cancerous cells to increase in the body with long term ingestion of microwave food.  Intestinal growths, tumours and incidents of colon cancer have been linked with microwave food.  The effects of the mutation of food by microwaves are residual in the human body, meaning that they have long term or permanent effects on our bodily systems.

Our Recommendation:

We don’t discourage the use of microwaves because of its extreme convenience and popularity. Of course, we use them too. But we do recommend that if you have the time to heat your food using… heat, you should do so.  It should be noted that due to growth changes that occur in children, the effects of microwave use can be more pronounced. We also speculate that if you never ever used one, ever, it probably would be better for you.