Recover Fast special offers

Option 1: Free Performance Evaluation

15 minute performance evaluation. Only available to members of Ealing Squash and Fitness Club.



Option 2: Free Consultation

Free Initial Consultation when you pay in advance for 10 Injury Rehabilitation treatments.


Option 3: Free Perfomance Evaluation

Buy an Initial Consultation, plus 5 Injury Rehabilitation treatments and get 15 minutes performance optimisation session or ARPwave add on for free.

Option 4: Refer a friend

Any existing customer who has received an Initial Consultation and at least one service can refer a friend. The existing customer will receive 1 x free ARPwave add on or 1 x performance optimisation session. The refered friend will receive a 20% introductory discount to use on any of our Refer a-friend packages:

Package 1: (Initial Consultation + 1x ARPwave add on)
Package 2: (Initial Consultation + 1x Performance optimisation session)
Package 3: (Initial Consultation + 1x Injury Rehabilitation session)