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After struggling with different physiotherapists and getting different diagnosis for a problem with my knee I was recommended to try Richard from a fellow member of Ealing Squash club. Richard took a holistic approach and after a detailed examination and laymen's description of the problem identified that my knee wasn't the root cause of the problem but just a symptom. After a short course of treatment and list of exercises to use I was back playing squash and have had no further problems. I wish I had gone to him sooner. Other friends who I've referred have also been successfully treated.
Posted By: Campbell White
Club level Squash player
I have taken my aspiring teenage footballer to Richard on two occasions for knee related injuries and rehabilitation. Richard is very professional whilst being welcoming and relates extremely well to young athletes. Richard engages with my son directly and in an empathetic manner. He is excellent at explaining and demonstrating what he is doing and why and is encouraging with the aim of supporting longer term self care and strengthening for the level of sport my son engages in. I would definitely recommend Richard for rehabilitation and improving all round performance.
Posted By: Tracy Garrett
I presented myself to Richard with a somewhat complicated history of neurological and physical issues. Richard was incredibly professional, took a detailed history and from that came up with a plan of action of how to best treat me, in a very holistic way. I felt better from our first initial treatment and continue to reap even more benefits from our sessions. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Posted By: Lisa Dumais
I first meet Richard after having suffered painful back spasms that would come and go without warning. I realised that many years of sitting and lack of activity, I had lost mobility and had lost strength in a lot of the body’s core.

Richard’s initial assessment was spot on and we got right to work. I had immediate relief from the back spasms. Richard explains everything that is going on under the skin, ……..why muscles spasm and what you need to do to get better. In my case, it was all about building strength in the core and resetting muscles lengths.

I would recommend Richard without hesitation.
Posted By: Andrew Reid
I highly recommend Richard. From the very first session Richard accurately and very quickly determined the source of my injury. The ongoing pain was relieved in that first session and subsequent visits allowed further treatment and education on how to avoid a repeat scenario by focusing on core strength exercises that were much needed. In-depth explanations and knowledge come as part of the rehabilitation package, allowing you to monitor and manage your body's condition going forward in a much more informed manner.
Posted By: Ninev Cannon
I was suffering from a very painful neck stiff and literally couldnt move. The pain was unbearable!
I contacted Dr Richard and he gave me great instructions over the phone and sent me email with the hydrotherapy protocol to follow which helped me to recover in 1 day. He was helpful and kind and showed a great professionalism in giving me useful medical advice.

I would definitely recommend him.
Posted By: Elena Scotto
London, UK
During the latest flare up of my long-term neck and shoulder pain I was recommended to go and see Richard at Recover Fast and what a difference from any of the other healthcare professionals I have visited! I have never experienced such an in-depth all-round initial assessment/consultation and immediately felt confident that Richard would be able to help.

I started feeling the benefit after the first of five sessions and Richard always explained each step of the treatment and each manipulation or movement prior to actually doing it. I am now pain free thanks to Richard and a few simple and quick exercises he gave me to do at home.

You don’t have to be a professional sportsperson or athlete to consult Richard and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Recover Fast to anyone.
Posted By: Debbie Fogarty
I am 69 years old and have been suffering pain and increased lack of mobility in my shoulders. This has been gradual, creeping up on me for a number of years until I became unable to perform everyday tasks like brushing my hair or steering a car without severe discomfort. I followed all the usual procedures; I saw my G.P., who prescribed NSAIDS and, when they offered scant relief, added co-dydramol and sent me for physiotherapy; after a couple of months the physiotherapist was honest enough to say that couldn’t do anything and suggested X-rays; X-rays revealed the expected degeneration but not the specific source of the acute pain and so I I was referred for an MRI scan, which revealed,’ impingement….with a partial supraspinatus tear, bursitis and acromioclavicular joint arthrosis’. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it!

Eventually – we are, of course, talking of a couple of years down the line here – I was sent to an orthopaedic consultant at Kingston Hospital. She offered an operation to remove part of the shoulder-bone to relieve the impingement. Each shoulder would obviously have to be addressed separately and the recovery period for each operation was 9 months. It looked as if I should be spending the rest of my life either in pain or recovering from operations (‘success not guaranteed’).

It was then that I had the good fortune to find Richard. From our first session I felt complete confidence in him and his methods; he clearly understood my condition and left me in no doubt that he could treat it without recourse to the knife. Richard explains in detail what muscles, tendons he is working on before every manipulation and what that particular manipulation is seeking to achieve. Through this I have come to understand how my body works much better and, through that, to be able to work WITH Richard on the curative process. I am getting better day by day.

Richard also has this mysterious machine, which he brought back from his studies in America. (He is, of course, also fully qualified in this country). I don’t pretend to understand its workings but it has something to do with controlling muscles and blood flow in specific areas. Used in conjunction with manipulation it seems to speed up the healing process and help the body to sustain it.

Yes! I am getting better.
Posted By: Graham Ashe
Richard enabled me to kick start my career again after many physios could not strengthen my unusual ankle injury. After 15 mins of being with Richard you realise what great knowledge he possesses for the full recovery and the new use of new technologies other physios disregard. I would recommend Recover-Fast to anybody for the perfect return to fitness!
Posted By: Luke Lloyd
Available on bosman
I injured my hip and left thigh muscle whilst playing rugby that put me out for 2 months. I visited a sports injury clinic and I was told that the joint needed time to repair and because there was no break in the bone or tear of the muscle all it needed was rest, I then started playing small training games after the 2 months and felt that my hip and left thigh would seize up and restrict my ability to run.

I then spoke to Rene who refered me to Richard, which after receiving the first treatment I found that my hip didn't seize and I could continue playing as normal. Since the treatment I have not had a problem with my hip or thigh and found that my legs have recovered stronger than they were before.
Posted By: Sean Norton
Bedford Blues RUFC
It speeded up my recovery significantly and strengthened up the weak area around where I was operated on allowing me to be confident it would be strong enough for the rigors of the game. What was most obvious was how strong the affected area was after using arpwave and how solid and confident I felt. After treatments I felt physically tired and worked by the intensity of the arpwave and the complementary exercises. Loosening was very effective as it prepared my body, and I felt flexible and ready.

Richard was excellent to work with. He pushes you hard and makes you recognize your body can go the extra mile if you are willing to work hard. He delivered structured, thoughtful and impressive sessions. I would recommend this to other players for the treatment of any injury, and for the strengthening programme it delivers which is crucial to rehabilitation at an exceptional speed.
Posted By: Robin Shroot
Birmingham City FC and Northern Ireland International
I got my ankle damaged two weeks before I go on international duty. Richard worked on my ankle on about five sessions. Before starting the treatments I could not kick a ball at all. After these five sessions I was kicking again with no pain, thanks to Richard’s treatments and exercises. I had other injuries before but not as serious. When my ankle was damaged this time I was convince my career was over, but Richard proved me wrong with his treatment. I will recommend Recover Fast to everyone.
Posted By: Andray Baptiste
Harrow Borough FC and Grenada International
Richard treated various members of the team over a period of two seasons. When called on he was fast, effective and would command multiple treatments on a training evening, working seamlessly alongside our physios. When one of our players suffered a thigh strain late in the first half of a league game, a quick 10 minute treatment had the player up and ready to play.

With the methods that Richard applies we manage to keep key players available in the short term and long term. For example, normally a recovery of 4 to 8 weeks is needed for a certain muscle injury. With Richards expertise we see this recovery time cut to a 1/3. His methods are used in various ways within the team, to start with, he plays an important role in their warming up and cooling down. The players use the 'Loosening protocol', which loosens up their muscles, a form of hi tech dynamic stretch that saves a lot of time, in a relative short period, the players are ready to start training. With the changing pace of the game these techniques are invaluable at any level of football.
Posted By: David Howell
Harrow Borough FC Manager
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