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    These techniques are invaluable at any level of football.

    David Howell

    Former Harrow Borough FC Manager

    Richard treated various members of the team over a period of two seasons. When called on he was fast, effective and would command multiple treatments on a training evening, working seamlessly alongside our physios. When one of our players suffered a thigh strain late in the first half of a league game, a quick 10 minute treatment had the player up and ready to play.

    With the methods that Richard applies we manage to keep key players available in the short term and long term. For example, normally a recovery of 4 to 8 weeks is needed for a certain muscle injury. With Richards expertise we see this recovery time cut to a 1/3. His methods are used in various ways within the team, to start with, he plays an important role in their warming up and cooling down. The players use the 'Loosening protocol', which loosens up their muscles, a form of hi tech dynamic stretch that saves a lot of time, in a relative short period, the players are ready to start training. With the changing pace of the game these techniques are invaluable at any level of football.

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