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Training proportional to recovery

The Recover Fast system is a tool that bridges the gap between physiotherapy and performance optimisation, working best when utilised by a medical professional in combination with their existing skill set.

The system is able to facilitate rapid results because it blends the boundaries between rehabilitation and performance training.

Unlike traditional models where first inflammation is reduced then tissue is remodelled then rehabilitative exercise is conducted before performance conditioning begins, the neurotherapy device and the preceding manual interventions allow the therapist to treat inflammation at the same time as working to restore functional movement. This enables a seamless transition from injury, surgery and pain to training for elite competition.

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The Body Electric

Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, one of the world's leading researchers, in his book, "Biologically Closed Electric Circuits," provides compelling evidence that the human body is a biologically closed electrical system.

Nordenstrom proved that disease and injury cause charge to be formed in affected deep soft tissue. And for healing to occur, the charge must be eliminated, either by the body itself, or with external electrical current. If the charge of injury is not dissipated, scar tissue forms, leading to restricted range of motion which can become permanent.

Nordenstrom showed that chronic pain is often sourced in old injuries to deep soft tissue, where the charge is stored rather than released.

Our neurotherapy system allows identification of these target tissues and protocols to enable rapid recovery.


Basically... awesome for the first time in years!

Adele Andersen

Fitness Guru, Author and all-round badass

Last Thursday I ended up in unplanned emergency physio with Richard Smith, because of a very painful feets issue. I always have some form of issue with my feets/ankles but this was acute.
After much prodding and stretching and a week of hideous contrast therapy, my feets were, to my great surprise, basically awesome for maybe the first time in years - acute condition notwithstanding. I was thinking bone spur. But no aches and pains, which is really new.
Richard gave me his APRWave therapy - yeah, foot in bucket of water with electrical current 😅 - and now the way I use my feet is completely different. Immediately and unconsciously I had improved squat and lunge technique and balance.
I am shocked, and delighted. I’m curious how long the change will stick, and whether I can teach high impact again by Saturday, but from just my experience tonight, this therapy is a hell of a shortcut to pain reduction and modifying adapted muscular behaviour.

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