Zermatt Sports Therapy.

Osteopathic Sports Therapy and Performance Training in the comfort of your apartment, chalet, home or hotel room.

Please use the booking calendar below to schedule a free 10 min consultation call.

Express Injury Assessment

30 min consultation and examination to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan.


30 mins consultation and examination.


I will give you a detailed diagnosis and explain what should happen next.


If you are safe to treat we can begin getting the problem fixed, or we can recommend further investigations that should be conducted before we can proceed.

Personal Training

Directed functional performance training and optimisation using applied neurology, osteopathy and ARPwave.

Training specific to your goals

1:1 personalised functional training sessions.

Targeted muscle groups

We use specific movements with bioelectric feedback for maximum training effect.

No equipment needed

A portable system of training that can be enjoyed anywhere.

Injury Rehabilitation

Home visit Osteopathic physical therapy to treat an existing injury.

Be Pain Free

Most aches and pains can be fixed. Our 30 min sessions aim to have you living pain free.

Elite sports medicine care

Our Recover Fast specialist is fully licensed and insured to safely provide the care that you need.

We come to you

Our therapist will set up a healing sanctuary wherever you are.

What to expect

The Recover Fast system starts with a full medical history, followed by a functional neurology evaluation and, if necessary, a body scan to identify the root cause of your pain and discomfort.

We then use manual therapy combined with cutting edge techniques to eliminate pain and strengthen the area so that the problem doesn't return.

We can do this all in the comfort of your own surroundings... wherever that may be. The Recover Fast system is mobile, versatile and is tailored to your needs.

Live Pain Free

Don't let a ache or pain ruin your time in the mountains. Our system will identify compensation patterns that relate to your injury and eliminate them; restoring precision movement. We do this by making lasting changes to how your body performs movement and reinforce this with therapeutic exercises specifically tailored to your goals and athletic level. This will enable you to ski all day and apres ski all night, getting the most out of your time in Zermatt!

We’ve worked with some great people, including: