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My name is Richard Smith. As an Osteopathic Physician, I look at the whole you and value your innate ability to recover. You are not your diagnosis. You are not your MRI. You are not defined by your sport. You are UNIQUE.

We have the power to effect change in our bodies. We have the power to relieve pain, prevent injury and optimize movement. I will provide you with all the tools to unlock your body’s true potential.

I am getting better day by day

Graham Ashe


I am 69 years old and have been suffering pain and increased lack of mobility in my shoulders. This has been gradual, creeping up on me for a number of years until I became unable to perform everyday tasks like brushing my hair or steering a car without severe discomfort. I followed all the usual procedures; I saw my G.P., who prescribed NSAIDS and, when they offered scant relief, added co-dydramol and sent me for physiotherapy; after a couple of months the physiotherapist was honest enough to say that couldn’t do anything and suggested X-rays; X-rays revealed the expected degeneration but not the specific source of the acute pain and so I I was referred for an MRI scan, which revealed,’ impingement….with a partial supraspinatus tear, bursitis and acromioclavicular joint arthrosis’. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it!

Eventually – we are, of course, talking of a couple of years down the line here – I was sent to an orthopaedic consultant at Kingston Hospital. She offered an operation to remove part of the shoulder-bone to relieve the impingement. Each shoulder would obviously have to be addressed separately and the recovery period for each operation was 9 months. It looked as if I should be spending the rest of my life either in pain or recovering from operations (‘success not guaranteed’).

It was then that I had the good fortune to find Richard. From our first session I felt complete confidence in him and his methods; he clearly understood my condition and left me in no doubt that he could treat it without recourse to the knife. Richard explains in detail what muscles, tendons he is working on before every manipulation and what that particular manipulation is seeking to achieve. Through this I have come to understand how my body works much better and, through that, to be able to work WITH Richard on the curative process. I am getting better day by day.

Richard also has this mysterious machine, which he brought back from his studies in America. (He is, of course, also fully qualified in this country). I don’t pretend to understand its workings but it has something to do with controlling muscles and blood flow in specific areas. Used in conjunction with manipulation it seems to speed up the healing process and help the body to sustain it.

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